The traditional day is celebrated in several parts of the world to celebrate diverse cultures, values, and heritage. The celebration of conventional day promotes “Unity in Diversity,” where the individual or social differences rise above cast, culture, creed, religion, etc. Traditions are customs and beliefs which we must respect and adhere to. The day practices help us preserve and keep our traditions alive. The word tradition itself means “handing over, or passing on.”We should stand by our traditional values and culture; there is a significant meaning to the traditions! Usually, the traditional world day is celebrated to strengthen the bonds between ethnic and racial diversity.Several events and programs are arranged to celebrate the day, including cultural programs and gatherings. People are encouraged to come in traditional attire. Traditional day reminds us of our rich culture and heritage, which we are so proud of. When we celebrate a traditional world day, we see vivid colors of our culture.The traditional world day gives us a feeling of unity in diversity. The day base of our culture; let us join hands to preserve it.Traditions are our valuable treasures; let us preserve them like our useful possessions. 

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