World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is dedicated to highlighting the issue of elder abuse. This day came into existence in June 2006 when a request was established to declare June 15 a special day for elders. But it was the year 2011 when the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was officially recognized by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The principal goal of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is to provide our communities around the world with an opportunity to get a better knowledge of the abuse and neglect of older people. This is a global social issue that not only affects the health of older people but also diminishes their rights. The United Nations says that older persons, who have experienced situations of violence, abuse and neglect, often face multiple barriers in accessing judicial remedies such as issues of accessibility, affordability, reasonable accommodation, excessive delays and backlogs in judicial processes, the impact of digitalisation, cultural norms, gender bias, discrimination, and entrenched ageism in policy, norms and practices.                                                                                                             Access to Justice impacts older persons’ ability to fully exercise all their human rights including the right to health, adequate social protection and to live in dignity. The preservation or restoration of dignity and respect for older persons is crucial in such situations.

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