Every year on May 7, World Athletics Day is celebrated. This day is observed globally to spread awareness among children and youths regarding the importance of fitness. Also, to boost their participation in the field of sports. In 1996 this day was introduced by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) as a social responsibility project ‘Athletic for a better World’. Every year IAAF organises various events and competitions in schools and colleges. This day hold great significance as it encourages youths to be fit and healthy. This day also promotes the participation of children and youths in various sports. As the year passed by, the project ‘Athletic for a better World’ expanded, and IAAF started organising events and competitions in schools to promote the benefits of physical activity among children. Schools stand as an ideal place to promote the importance of sports and their benefits. Also, it will help in popularising the sports among the youths and children.

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