International Daughters day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September. The day is dedicated to cherish the importance of daughters and reduce the stigma associated with the birth of a girl child in society. This year, daughters day will be observed today on September 26. Parents around the globe observe it to express the joy and happiness of being blessed with a girl child. As the day is all about daughters, parents also try to make them feel special. Gender discrimination has been prevalent for centuries with communities across the world preferring  a boy child. Such beliefs have led to many social evils, including female foeticide. Daughters’ Day acknowledges the joy of having and raising a daughter. Daughters’ Day is significant in today’s world where governments and agencies are working towards bridging the gap between genders and create a world of equal opportunities. With efforts being made to celebrate the female child, the special day is a recognised attempt at righting some historical wrongs against daughters. The day acknowledges that daughters have as much potential as sons to change the world. It recognises girls as equal partners in the familial ecosystem and society.

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