The Indian Air Force (IAF) Day is celebrated every year on October 8 and on Thursday the IAF will proudly observe its 88th anniversary. On the occasion, a scintillating air display by various aircraft will be the hallmark of the Air Force Day Parade cum Investiture Ceremony at Air Force Station Hindan (Ghaziabad) near Delhi. Indian Air Force is also known as “Bhartiya Vayu Sena” and is the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces. This day is celebrated for the inception of the Air Force in India to aid the Army that was fighting on the land.                                                                          The Indian Air Force was officially established on 8 October 1932. Its first ac flight came into being on 01 April 1933. Therefore, the celebration of this day was officially started on 8th October in the year 1932 in order to increase the awareness of the Indian air force in any organisation of the national security both officially and publicly. The day is celebrated in air force bases all across the nation with air shows and parades conducted by air force cadets, as the Indian Air Force (IAF) has its prime responsibility of securing the Indian airspace as well as to carry out the aerial warfare during any clash.                                                                                     This day is celebrated with the same zeal and pride at various Air Stations all over the country. All Air Force stations in several states will conduct their parades at their respective Airbases. Even the military parade will be conducted as per the same schedule and the protocol that is followed each year.  The Supreme Commander of the IAF is the National Commander of the air force also contributes in many forms. In the last few years, the Indian Air Force has been expanding immensely and has initiated the bringing up of women into the short service commissions.

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